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They claim that William Levy blocked Elizabeth Gutiérrez's accounts

William Levy apparently blocked access to the credit cards and bank accounts he shared with Elizabeth Gutiérrez.

According to The Top News, Levy will travel to Spain to star in a series that he co-produces, while the model is looking for new job opportunities, since it is speculated that it was the actor who maintained the home.

The actress currently resides in a borrowed apartment and supports herself with the monetary help of her family and closest friends. According to that entertainment news portal, both artists will continue the fight, but from the courts.

The Cuban refuses to make statements on the matter and told the host Ana María Alvarado, of the program the sun comes outthat while he made mistakes, Elizabeth also made mistakes.

Kim Kardashian loses more than 100 thousand followers

It is no secret to anyone that Taylor Swift always has an encrypted message for someone in her songs, and the compositions that make up The Tortured Poets DepartmentThey are not the exception.

The album has two songs dedicated kim kardashianwith whom Taylor starred in a controversy years ago linked to rapper Kanye West.

ThanK you alMee and Cassandra They are the pieces destined for this long and complex chapter of Swift. In the first, the interpreter highlights in capital letters the letters K, I, M, which form the word KIM; Proof enough for fans that this is a direct catharsis for the Skims founder and West's ex-wife.

In cassandra the references are more subtle. The artist used narrative licenses to reflect some viral elements of the conflict that the three participated in as the snake and a controversial call that was manipulated to put the singer in a bad light.

Michelle Salas publishes photo with Luis Miguel

Michelle Salas had a gesture with her father that makes it clear that both are moving forward in rebuilding a better relationship: she published a photograph with Luis Miguel on her Instagram account for the first time.

The portrait shows the 34-year-old model sitting on her father's lap on a private plane. They are both dressed in black, holding a glass of wine and smiling at the camera. The image captures not only how they have advanced in their bond, it also shows the physical resemblance.

The photo has no description, so it is unknown when it could have been taken. However, Michelle's followers claim that it could have been at the singer's birthday celebration. The unconditional last April 19.

Céline Dion talks about stiff person syndrome

After sharing her diagnosis of stiff person syndrome and canceling her tour in 2022, Céline Dion has focused on her health in the privacy of her home. However, the 56-year-old artist addressed her diagnosis for the first time in an interview with Vogue France and she emphasized that every day she hopes for a miracle to help her heal.

The six-time Grammy winner noted that part of her treatment is doing physical and vocal therapy five days a week.

She acknowledged that she had just been given the diagnosis, and she regretted it and questioned why she did so. However, over time she has found in her family the strength to confront her and fights daily not to let herself be defeated.

Although she wants fans to be able to return to the stage as much or more, she assured that the answer to that, for the moment, will remain a mystery.

Megan Thee Stallion sued for sexual harassment

American rapper Megan Thee Stallion was sued by her former personal cameraman, who alleges that he was forced to watch her have sexual relations with another woman and to work in a hostile environment, according to legal documents filed Tuesday in a Los Angeles court.

Emilio García, who worked for the singer between 2018 and 2023, claims that Stallion forced him to watch her while she engaged in sexual acts with a woman in a moving vehicle in Ibiza, during a tour in Spain in 2022.

The man also accuses Stallion, 29, of criticizing his eating habits and of being subjected by the rapper to overwork, improper remuneration and other violations of US labor law.