Donald Trump's possible vice president kills her 1-year-old dog

Outrage is also attention. And Kristi Noem certainly has that since she said in her biography that she hated her 14-month-old dog “Cricket” and shot her. A goat also had to die because it smelled “rancid”.

Is this how you win the hearts of voters? Uncertain. Kristi Noem, Donald Trump's promising candidate for US Vice President, once shot and killed her 14-month-old dog “Cricket”. Reason: She hated them, as the governor of South Dakota writes in her forthcoming biography “No Going Back.”

“Suddenly the 'Cricket' attacked chickens”

Apparently the German Wirehaired Pointer dog was aggressive. “She was having a great time on a hunt,” but on the way home she suddenly attacked residents’ chickens, Noem said. “Cricket” was “less than worthless,” so the Republican took a rifle and led her into a gravel pit. “It wasn't a pretty job, but it had to be done.”

A few pages later she describes how she treated a goat in a similarly brutal manner. The animal was “mean,” destroyed the children’s clothes and also smelled “disgusting and rancid.” She too had to die.

Donald Trump's possible vice presidential candidate is sure to be outraged

It is not entirely clear what exactly the ambitious politician's purpose in mentioning such anecdotes is. Maybe she just finds them amusing, or maybe she's trying to sell herself as an energetic go-getter, someone who isn't afraid of the dirty jobs.

Will the calculation work? As I said, uncertain. But she is already sure of outrage. And outrage is attention. Donald Trump, your potential boss-to-be, has been demonstrating for many years that this can be excellently converted into votes.

Sioux ban governor from house

The 52-year-old comes from the ultra-conservative Tea Party and enjoys the role of provocateur. Like Trump supporters, she claims that the last presidential election was “stolen.” She has already had a bad time with the Sioux in her home state, so much so that they have forbidden her from entering their settlements.

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