“I have passed away”: a 31-year-old doctor announces her own death on TikTok after documenting her fight against cancer

Kimberley Nix, a content creator on the social network TikTok who documented her three-year fight against metastatic cancer, has died at age 31.

As a final farewell to her 148,000 followers, Nix posted one last video to her TikTok account. “If you are seeing this message, I have passed away peacefully,” he said.

Nix, who worked as a resident doctor, was diagnosed at the age of 28 with sarcoma – a type of cancer – in the palliative stage, as she reported in her videos. Since then, she has used TikTok to raise awareness about sarcoma, a group of cancers that starts in the bones and soft tissues, according to the Mayo Clinic.

In her farewell video she said: “I am a resident doctor, I trained in internal medicine and I had a beautiful life and I am very proud of it. Those who know me know that I love my pets, my husband and makeup, but in reverse order. My husband first, of course, and all my family and friends.”

“In 2021, I had the opportunity to start making videos on TikTok and I never thought they would become something. My goal was to raise awareness about sarcoma cancer and we have made a successful team. “We have achieved a lot in raising awareness about sarcoma,” he added.

“One of the most important things to get to know you all better has also been to share my own experience and, through my TikTok page, I have spoken from the moment my illness was potentially curable… I have shared what it was like to go through by six different types of therapies, both experimental and non-experimental,” he said.

“I talked about going through the various challenges of cancer and how to overcome them and I shared about love, joy and gratitude, because on this journey being grateful to people in the little moments, those little parts of your day like the warm first sip of tea in the morning or how fresh snow feels on your face, it's the most beautiful thing.”

The woman also documented how she was fulfilling her wish list, from her engagement and wedding, to a dream trip to New York City where she had “a luxurious stay” that reminded her of the television series Gossip Girl and saw a musical on Broadway.

“At peace” with life

Nix also enjoyed trips to the mountains, San Francisco wine country, and seeing some of his favorite artists in concert, including Taylor Swift at his Era's TourColdplay and Noah Kahan.

“During this time, my workplace, my husband's workplace, they have been very supportive of us and he has been able to be with me most of the time. My parents are here most of the time, supporting me. And having support is really wonderful,” he said.

Nix started to cry when she talked about her husband.

“My only sadness when dying is knowing that we will not grow old together. Everything else is totally bearable because that's the only thing that really matters,” she said.

In her video she said she felt “at peace” with her life and overwhelmed with gratitude. “If accompanying me (in this process) has been useful in any way, I have achieved my goal. If sarcoma awareness is achieved, I have achieved my goal,” she said.

“This community has meant a lot to me. I will miss you TikTok. I love you all,” Nix concluded in his video. “Thank you very much for this incredible opportunity. “I am crying with happiness because all of you made me find a great purpose at the end of my life.”

A husband “shattered”

Nix's husband, Michael MacIsaac, said in a statement on TikTok on Wednesday: “My beautiful, selfless wife, my unconditional support and guiding light, and the purest soul in the world, passed away today.”

He said the woman faced the difficulties and tragedy of her illness with “grace and kindness.”

“I tried to learn everything I could from the greatest inspiration I have ever known. Where does all your empathy come from? Your work ethic? Your ability to take advantage of every moment? I didn’t have enough time, but a hundred lives wouldn’t be enough,” she said.

“I am eternally grateful to have been your husband and I am so much better for having known you. I'm shattered into a billion pieces. I love you Kim,” he concluded his message.

In another post shared on Thursday, she said: “Yesterday was the worst day of my life and somehow, thanks to some deeply dear friends and the connection I felt all day, we made it through. Today is not much better, but I think we will make it too.”

MacIsaac said he was “overwhelmed” by the response from users to his wife's death. “I can't believe how many of you are worried about me. “I am moved,” he said.