Donald Trump attacks Jimmy Kimmel because of the Oscar joke – he hits back

As Oscar host, Jimmy Kimmel spontaneously took a swipe at Donald Trump in March. That still seems to bother him. But Kimmel once again won the latest exchange of blows.

It was a spontaneous gag that caused even more laughter: Because Donald Trump commented live on the Oscars on Truth Social and attacked host Jimmy Kimmel, he decided to read the post on stage. And to give one to Trump, with great laughter from the Hollywood elite. On Wednesday, after weeks of delay, Trump took on Kimmel again. However, its return was even harder.

Kimmel reported in the monologue on his late night show “Jimmy Kimmel Live” that he received more than 100 messages about Donald Trump’s new post that morning. “Normally there are maybe four.” The occasion: On Wednesday night, Donald Trump commented in detail about Kimmel's Oscar night – five weeks after the event. Among other things, he accused Kimmel of ruining the celebratory moment of the Oscar for Best Picture. Of course, Kimmel didn't want to let that go. And first made a correction and then a counterattack.

“I'm not Al Pacino”

What amused him most were the allegations surrounding the Oscar for Best Film. Trump complained about Kimmel that he stuttered, forgot the phrase “and the winner is” and thus ruined the moment. It was “one of the worst fights in show business”. Kimmel was able to easily refute this accusation: “I didn't even award the prize,” he smiles. “That was Al Pacino. We're not the same person. I didn't even touch the envelope.”

Line by line he dissects Trump's allegations – repeatedly making it clear: “Again: I am not Al Pacino.” He actually thought Trump knew that too. “I was pretty sure he said 'say hello to my little friend' when he showed it to Stormy Daniels,” Kimmel jokes, echoing Pacino's famous quote from “Scarface” – and Daniels' description of Trump's privates.

Jimmy Kimmel takes on Donald Trump

The timing of Trump's attack visibly irritates Kimmel. “He is accused in 34 cases and is sitting in court all week. That was five weeks ago!” he wonders. “Even my parents don't care anymore.” He was surprised how “the former President of the USA finds time for this when he is so busy searching for pictures of Ivanka in a bikini on Google.” It just doesn't make sense, says Kimmel, irritated. “I don't think he realizes how much fun I am having.”

Trump even triggered the Oscar swipe himself. In a Truth Social post, he was upset about Kimmel's supposed failure as a host. He saw the post during a break from moderation – and ended up simply reading it on stage. But the only additional swipe was serious: “It's an honor that you're still watching,” he turned to the president on the television. “I'm surprised you're still awake. Isn't it already time for you to go to prison?”

Made-up accusations – and a tough counterattack

He also cannot understand the fact that Trump claims that the Oscars ratings have fallen under Kimmel. The award ceremonies this year and last year – both hosted by Kimmel – even achieved record ratings. “I don't understand why anyone would come up with something that's easy to understand,” Kimmel said.

Then he really takes off. “I mean, if I were to just make something up about him, it would be that he wears diapers,” he jokes about the vain Trump. “It makes sense” that Trump is getting older and drinking a lot of Diet Coke. “A lot of people his age have to wear absorbent pads,” says Kimmel understandingly.

The whole thing is of course only theoretical, he emphasizes. He then shows well-known photos of the ex-president doing various activities: “I would say he stands so strangely, plays golf and tennis so strangely – because he is wearing a diaper around his little mushroom garden.” This is also a swipe at Trump's affair with Stormy Daniels: She described Trump's genitals as “mushroom-shaped” on Kimmel's colleague Stephen Colbert's show.

“I should move”

In the end, Trump's post perhaps backfired even more. When accused of ruining the once-praised Oscars with his performance, Kimmel simply replied: “That's probably why they asked if I would do it again next year.” When the cheering audience calmed down, he added: “I didn't actually want to do it. But now maybe I'll do it after all.”

After the incontinence jokes, Kimmel also seems to realize that he overshot the mark. “If he wins again, I'll probably have to move,” he laughs, slightly disturbed. “Goodbye everyone, I'm out.” Donald Trump himself has not yet publicly responded to the broadcast.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live