How Poland’s new government and the voted out right-wing populists are fighting for power

The power struggle between the new Polish government and the voted-out PiS continues to escalate every day. President Duda is stubbornly sticking to his camp and there could even be a threat of new elections soon. Report from a torn country.

A dozen PiS supporters gathered again on Sunday for a vigil in front of the headquarters of the Polish state television TVP in Warsaw. They wave white and red flags and blow their whistles again and again. “Tusk = Dictatorship” is written on a sign. The demonstrators seem tired, the security guards watch the goings-on calmly. “We are defending freedom of the press and democracy here,” says a protest participant who introduces himself as Wladyslaw. “Tusk is carrying out a coup like the communists did in 1981. We won’t let it happen.”