Cancer is receding in the US, but the number of people with the disease will still exceed 2 million this year

Cancer death rates have fallen over the past three years, although cases of the disease in the United States will surpass two million for the first time this year, according to the American Cancer Society’s annual statistical report.

According to the document, it is expected that some 611,720 deaths will occur in the country in 2024 due to this disease.

The report also revealed that cancer mortality had plummeted 33% between 1991 and 2021, indicated the newspaper USA Today.

Americans are now more likely to survive cancer than they were a generation ago.Getty Images

Researchers are concerned about the increase in certain types of cancer, they pointed out that in the case of people who receive a diagnosis in middle ages, the chances of survival are greater, and they emphasized the alarming rate of obesity in the country and the increase of colorectal cancer cases in adults and young people.

The report presented by the American Cancer Society was based on data on cases of the disease collected through 2020 and death figures through 2021 from the National Center for Health Statistics, USA Today indicated.

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According to the data collected, the rates of the disease are increasing in six of the 10 most common types of cancer: breast, prostate, melanoma, kidney, pancreas and uterus.

The good news is that Americans are now more likely to survive cancer than a generation ago: In short, the five-year survival rate rose from 49% in the mid-1970s to 69% in 2013. In 2019, he expanded the newspaper.

Even so, the types of cancer that cause the most deaths are lung, colorectal and pancreatic.

The report stated that more than 125,000 Americans will die this year from lung cancer, which represents a figure 2.5 times higher compared to the predicted number of deaths from colon cancer.

For its part, thyroid, prostate and testicular cancers are those that have the highest survival ratesaccording to the USA Today report.

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The report from the American Cancer Society stated that in the case of men under 50 years of age, colon cancer is the main cause of death from this disease, and is ranked as the second reason in the case of women who are also younger. 50 years old. Breast cancer continues to be in first place, the newspaper noted.

According to experts, adults ages 45 to 75 should be screened for colon cancer, which remains the most effective method for detecting the disease.

One in 3 people diagnosed with colorectal cancer before age 50 has a family history of the disease and should be screened for the disease before age 45, said Dr. Ahmedin Jemal, the study’s lead author and senior vice president of surveillance. and health equity science at the American Cancer Society, cited by USA Today.

Meanwhile, uterine cancer rates have increased between 1% and 2% each year from 2012 to 2019 among women aged 30 to 44 years, expanded the report, which highlighted that, however, the rates are notably lower among women aged 20 years, which can be explained by the effectiveness of the Human Papillomavirus vaccine ( HPV) among younger women.

When breaking down the incidence of cancer according to human groups, it was determined that mortality rates from the disease in the black population were 33% higher than that of the white population in 1993. However, this disparity was reduced to 13% between 2013 and 2019, expanded on the report cited by USA Today. Part of the explanation: smoking rates among young black people in recent decades.

Specialists consider that About 42% of all cancers can be prevented if changes are made in lifestyles and, they emphasize, the main one may be to stop smoking before the age of 30.