Hamas warns UK: 'If it sends soldiers to Gaza, they will be a legitimate military target'

The Palestinian Islamist group Hamas warned the United Kingdom this Sunday that if it deploys soldiers to the Gaza Strip, after information that they could help in the distribution of humanitarian aid, They will be “legitimate targets” of their armed wing.

“We warn Great Britain, or any other country, against the deployment of forces on the land or on the coast of the Gaza Strip and affirm that they will be legitimate targets for our people and their resistance,” Hamas said in a statement.

He Armed group He charged against any initiative in the Palestinian enclave that does not have his approval.

They seek to deploy their troops to deliver humanitarian aid

The Islamist group was responding to information released on Saturday by the British BBC, according to which the British Armed Forces could deploy troops to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza on the ground through the new floating dock being built by Israel. and USA.

The public broadcaster indicated that the United Kingdom could be the intermediary to which the United States referred when it said that it would not be American soldiers, but others, who would distribute the food packages sent by ship from Cyprus and then transferred to Gaza.

Yesterday, the Israeli Army assured in a press conference with international media that international organizations would be responsible for the distribution of humanitarian aid, but did not indicate which ones had agreed to collaborate.

Defense Ministry considers involvement in Gaza

Although the British Government has not confirmed the news, the BBC affirms, according to anonymous sources, that the Ministry of Defense is considering getting involved with 'wet boots' on the ground.

The possible role of British forces would involve driving the trucks with the help of landing craft along the floating runway, hundreds of meters long, and delivering it to a secure distribution area on dry land, the broadcaster explained.

The Ministry of Defense in London reported on Friday, in turn, that the British Navy auxiliary ship RFA Cardigan Bay set sail from Cyprus to provide support to the construction of the temporary dock, which is led by the United States.

This ship will provide accommodation for hundreds of American sailors and soldiers, about whom Washington has made it clear that they will not set foot on Gazan territory.