Gerardo Blyde: Disqualification of María Corina Machado violates the Barbados Agreements, TSJ must reverse decision

CARACAS. Gerardo Blyde, head of the negotiating delegation of the Unitary Platform of Venezuela, confirms that María Corina Machado is the candidate of the Venezuelan opposition after the primaries, which is why he demands that the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) reverse the decision to ratify her disqualification for a period of 15 years.

Blyde considers that the decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) is a violation of the Barbados Accords, signed by the government and the opposition in October 2023. “The Barbados Accords establish clear mechanisms for the lifting of disqualifications, mechanisms that have not been fulfilled,” Blyde said in a press conference.

The head of the Venezuelan opposition delegation denounces that the TSJ’s decision is based on an official letter addressed to José Brito by the Comptroller’s Office without any notification to María Corina Machado. “The Political-Administrative Chamber commits the same thing that was being reported: violation of due process and violation of legitimate defense,” Blyde said.

Blyde demands that the government comply with the agreements to the fullest extent and reverse the decision to disqualify María Corina Machado. “We demand that the decision made be reversed and return to the previous status,” she points out.

The disqualification of María Corina Machado has been condemned by the international community. The European Union, the United States and Canada, among others, have demanded that Nicolás Maduro’s government comply with the Barbados agreements and allow the opposition to participate in the 2024 presidential elections.

Blyde affirms that they have refused to talk in the media for months, because a negotiation to be successful cannot be in the public opinion. “This has not been the same for the counterpart. That is why I think it is fair that today we expand on various explanations.”

Remember the guidelines of the Barbados agreements. He maintains that it is time for there to be an impartial mechanism for monitoring what was signed. “The National Electoral Council (CNE) and the Foreign Ministry should already be issuing invitations to observers. And there should be a climate of peace.”

He adds that no process had reached an agreement like the one in Barbados. “To reach the Memorandum of Understanding we spent months discussing each point, each rule. The Unitary Platform is committed to the electoral route as the only way,” he emphasizes.

Blyde denounces that Chavismo “uses all the strength and power of the State to begin a repressive escalation. With the aim of sowing terror.”

On the other hand, he rejects the arrest of María Corina Machado’s campaign managers, linked to “conspiracy plans.” “We do not have any evidence that implicates these three detainees in any act of assassination,” she says.

On behalf of the Unitary Platform, Blyde rejects any “act of violence, assassination plans or coup d’état.” “The only way this delegation has, its only objective is to achieve free and fair elections,” he reiterates.

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