Algeria will ask for a ceasefire in Gaza before the UN Council; US says it will oppose

Algeria plans to propose a ceasefire call in the Gaza Strip before the UN Security Council, almost four months after Israel’s bombing of the Palestinian territory, which has left more than 27,000 people murdered.

The United States warned this Friday that it will oppose the new resolution proposed by Algeria and that includes the unequivocal call for a ceasefire in Gazaalthough at the same time it is negotiating a cessation of hostilities.

“This draft resolution could jeopardize delicate negotiations and derail current diplomatic efforts to secure the release of the hostages,” said the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, in a press appearance expressly requested by she. “This is not the time for that resolution,” the ambassador repeated.

The United States has already voted several times against Israel stopping the bombing of Loop, vetoing resolutions at the UN. Just last December 8, the US was the only country, out of a total of 15, that voted against it in the United Nations Security Council.

Diplomat Thomas-Greenfield confirmed that there are contacts with Egypt and Qatar tending towards “an extended pause (in fighting) that Palestinian civilians and humanitarian workers they desperately need,” he emphasized, separating that proposal from a ceasefire.

The United States has already vetoed on two occasions – on October 18 and on November 8 – resolutions presented to the Security Council to request a ceasefire, in the first case arguing that it did not include Israel’s right to defend itself and in the second. the second because it would serve Hamas to buy time and rearm.

Algeria, new member of the Security Council since Januarycirculated since last Friday a draft resolution that demands an immediate ceasefire and rejects the forced displacement of Palestinian civiliansin addition to calling for rapid and large-scale access to humanitarian aid in Gaza.

In recent weeks, Egypt accused the Israeli military of stopping urgent humanitarian aid to Gaza. This is because the Israelis carry out thorough inspections of the trucks that carry water, food and medicine, thus stopping the flow to the strip.

The Gaza Strip an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with collapsed hospitals where there are no medicines or anesthesiaand one serious famine situation which affects more than 800 thousand people.

Just on January 26, the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which is the highest court of the UN, issued a series of orders to Israel, in order to protect the Palestinian population in Gaza and requested that avoid genocide.

This after South Africa denounced Israel for the genocidal actions committed in the Palestinian territory.

However, Israel has not stopped its offensive.