Formula 1 Championship seems to repeat the script of the 2023 season

There is only one Formula 1 race in 2024, but what has been seen in Bahrain confirms what was an open secret: Max Verstappen and Red Bull They are ready to dominate again in the highest category of motorsport.

The Dutchman had no rival at the start of the campaign, where he achieved his first pole of the year and later his first victory. That he would win was an option with a very high probability, but that not even his teammate, the Mexican Sergio “Checo” Pérez, would come close to him paints a gloomy picture for the other drivers and boring – in a certain aspect – for the fans.

The three-time world champion always ran – except when he encountered stragglers – in clean air and stopped the clock 22 seconds before his teammate saw the checkered flag. The supremacy of Max and the energy drink company already borders on the absurd. They had no rival in 2023 and this year – although destiny may take another course – it seems that they will not have either. They are above the category.

Die-hard Formula 1 fans will continue to watch the races. That will not change, because they understand that what Verstappen does has happened in other hegemonies such as that of Michael Schumacher with Ferrari or that of Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes.

Now, people who are slightly attracted to the sport and who focus on seeing only the winner may think that it is a boring sport. But there is more to see than Verstappen and Red Bull.

The Ferrari, Mclaren and Mercedes seem to be the ones who will bring joy to the championship fighting for the middle positions like last year, while Verstappen will, most likely, be in search of more brands in the remaining 23 races.

In 2023 the Dutchman won 19 races and broke the record that he himself had set a year earlier. Will he set another mark in 2024 when it will be raced on 24 circuits? Verstappen has the skills and has the car to do it. So all that remains is to go track after track following in his footsteps, while the others try to prevent him from achieving the four-time championship.