Fernando Alonso decides where to continue his career

PARIS-. “I'm here to stay”: the team of Formula 1 Aston Martin and the veteran Spanish pilot Fernando Alonso They announced this Thursday a “long-term” agreement to continue together in the highest motorsport competition.

“I'm Fernando Alonso. I'm here to stay,” says the Asturian in a short video released by the team, which in its statement also limits itself to reproducing the phrase, without giving more details.

Alonso, 42 years old and world champion with Renault on two occasions in the past (2005, 2006), will continue at least in the team until the new rules arrive in 2026 that will mean significant changes in F1. That year Honda will arrive at Aston Martin as an engine supplier.

Alonso's name had been heard as a possible new Mercedes driver, who is looking for a replacement for Lewis Hamilton, who at the end of the current season will leave for Ferrari. There had even been speculation about the possibility of him joining Red Bull, the current champion team.

The majority of drivers participating in Formula 1 this year end their contract at the end of 2024. That was the case with Alonso until the announcement of this renewal.

“This multi-year agreement with Fernando takes us until 2026,” explained Aston Martin boss Mike Krack.

“Fernando is thirsty for victories, he drives better than ever and is fitter than ever. He is fully dedicated to making Aston Martin competitive,” he added.

In 2023, in his first season with the British team, Alonso finished fourth in the World Cup standings. It was his best ranking since 2013, when he had been runner-up in the world.

Up to 50 years old?

“We have built a strong working relationship over the last eighteen months and share the same determination to make this project a success,” Krack said.

In 2024, after four Grand Prix, the Spaniard is currently eighth in the drivers' standings and Aston Martin fifth in the constructors' standings.

In total, Alonso has 32 Grand Prix victories under his belt, although the last one dates back to May 2013.

How long does Fernando Alonso plan to continue? “A few years ago I would have said that 41 or 42 years was the limit age (to compete in F1), but after having seen my motivation and good performances last year I think I could continue racing. still a few years (…) With motivation, I think you can think about continuing to ride until you are 48, 49 or even 50 years old,” he himself had declared in mid-February.