Chapo Guzmán: Who are the only people who can visit the capo in prison?

In 2019, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman He did not know that a greater sentence awaited him than spending his entire life locked up in a prison in the United States. The founder of Sinaloa Cartel He was also sentenced not to see his wife Emma Coronel and his twin daughters, Emali Guadalupe and Joaquina Guzmán.

Since then, he has waged a battle with the US authorities so that his daughters and wife can visit him in the ADX Florence maximum security prison.

The last time the Mexican boss lived with his twin girls, then 5 years old, was in 2017, seven months after being extradited to the United States and imprisoned in the Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn.

But Emma Coronel He didn't have the same luck. The former beauty queen was denied entry because it was considered that the drug trafficker was through her. would regain control of the Sinaloa Cartel.

During the three months that the trial against the Chapo, Coronel listened impassively to her husband's stories of drug trafficking, corruption, killings and infidelity. In July 2019, when her sentence was ratified, El Chapo He blew a kiss and I love you to Coronel, who was watching him from the courtroom.

Who are Chapo's daughters and how old are they?

In 2011, the youngest daughters of Joaquin El Chapo Guzman: Emali Guadalupe and María Joaquina, from his marriage to Emma Coronel.

Colonel was the last wife of Chapo. As soon as he turned 18, Coronel and the boss got married. The wedding elevated the figure of Emma, ​​who has always assured that her family does nothing illegal.

According to the trial against the drug trafficker, Emma was an essential part of Chapo's second escape. The woman with Los Chapitos planned the construction of a tunnel under the prison bathroom.