El Diario in 90 seconds: An alleged member of the “Aragua Train” is captured in Miami

The Diary in 90 seconds. An alleged member of the “Aragua Train” is captured in Miami. McDonald's reports failures in its systems around the world. The US implements facial recognition technology for migrants without passports. Lima 2027: Never has the same city repeated the Pan American Games so soon.

An alleged member of the “Aragua Train” is captured in Miami

A man who is linked to the Venezuelan criminal gang “Aragua Train“was captured in Panama and extradited to the United States, allegedly responsible for having participated in the murder of a Venezuelan in the city of Doral.

The suspect was identified as Julio César Hernández Montero, 27, who was arrested in connection with the crime of José Luis Sánchez Valera, which occurred in November of last year in Doral.

Hernández Montero faces charges including first-degree murder, armed robbery in a home invasion, vehicle theft and kidnapping, according to authorities.

Judge Mindy Glazer denied the right to bail to Hernández Montero, who He is considered an accomplice of Yurwin Salazar Maita, previously arrested for the same murder.

Hernández Montero identified himself as a member of the Venezuelan criminal gang “Aragua Train“, according to the police report.

The body of José Luis Sánchez Valera was found in an abandoned Toyota 4Runner vehicle in a section of the city of Miami. Police said the man was bound by his hands and feet.

The victim's sister provided a video that could be one of the last recordings in Sánchez Valera's life, identifying two women as possibly involved in the crime.

Authorities said they are trying to verify whether Hernández Montero had a history of kidnapping or other crimes in Venezuela, under the “Tren de Aragua” network.

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