Are you processing your visa for the first time? US Embassy advances appointments; these are the requirements

Is your appointment to process the visa until next year? This will interest you! The U.S. Embassy promotes a program that seeks to reduce the waiting time to process the visa for the first time, when opening additional appointments.

“We are starting a new program that aims to reduce the waiting time for those who are applying for a visa to the United States,” explained Nelson Tamayo, vice consul of the State Department of the US Embassy, ​​in an interview with Ciro Gómez Leyva.

Its about “Visa Priority” program and its objective, the official said, is to speed up the visa process because many people have to wait more than two years to obtain an appointment.

VISA 2024: How can you advance your appointment?

To speed up the processing of your visa, you should not go to training too early, since the United States Embassy will grant the additional appointments at random via internet between applicants; However, it will only apply in these cases:

  • Tourist visa process (B1/B2).
  • Have paid for the interview process during the last twelve months.
  • Have an appointment scheduled for the year 2025 or later.

According to Nelson Tamayo, the people who are elected by the Embassy will receive an email and thus they will be able to choose a new date to process the visa.

“People who meet these requirements, the system will randomly (…) send an email inviting them to choose an earlier date,” the official added.

The best thing is that the program “Visa priority” is completely free and it has begun to be applied since March.

Will you renew the visa? We explain if this program applies

Unfortunately, this program to reduce the waiting time in the visa process will not benefit those seeking to renew it, but will only apply to those who are applying for the visa for the first time.

“This program is only for those who are applying for the first-time tourist or business visa”, concluded the official.

What is an American visa?

Visas are documents that grant temporary permits to Mexican citizens, who can enter the territory of the United States for different purposes, for example, tourism, study, temporary work or family visits.

It is established that visas have a limited duration and must be renewed or extended if you wish to remain in the country. country longer.

Temporary visas generally grant limited rights and specific benefits depending on the type of visa.

If you have a tourist permit, you will not be able to work in the US. Meanwhile, if you have a temporary work visa, you will only be able to work for the employer who sponsored you that permit.

There are at least six types of visas:

  • tourist and visit visa.
  • student visa and exchange visa.
  • Business visa.
  • Immigrant visa.
  • Work/employment visa.