Easter holidays: What do you need to enter the US without problems?

As spring break and Easter approach, U.S. southern border ports of entry will begin processing large volumes of Travellersthat is why it is important to have the documentation that is required at hand and thus enter without setbacks.

One of the busiest ports for travelers is that of Laredowhich is preparing to receive many people through a series of measures that include electronic tourist permits, and an off-site I-94 processing facility, located on the second floor of the Laredo Outlet Shoppes, starting on March 15 and will remain in operation until the 30th of said month, from 10 am to 6 pm Monday to Saturday, and from 11 am to 7 pm on Sundays.

Additionally, CBP in eThe Juárez-Lincoln Bridge will open additional lanes at the former CBP import lot (located under that bridge) beginning Tuesday, March 19, as needed to process specified amounts of vehicular traffic.

“We continue to advise travelers arriving from Mexico to take advantage of time-saving facilitation measures, such as submitting and prepaying their tourist permit applications electronically through the CBP One mobile application,” said Port of Laredo Director Albert Flores.

Are you traveling by land?

The option is to process and process your I94 permit and pay in FForm electronically on the CBP site and you will avoid the waiting line, proceed directly to any processing window upon arriving at the international bridge of your choice.

If you cannot process your I94, even though your passport and visa are valid and current, you can only do so with the CBP officer at the point of entry.

For U.S. citizens returning to the country, it is important that you carry a document that complies with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, such as a valid U.S. passport, a trusted traveler program card, a valid driver’s license, as of the date you residents or citizens re-entering the United States and should be prepared to present a WHTI-compliant document if requested by a CBP officer during a border inspection.

Any noncitizen who attempts to enter the United States through illegal means or without proper documentation may be subject to expulsion or removal.

To help to reduce waiting times and long lines, Travelers can take advantage of facial biometrics and CBP One™, which is a single portal for CBP mobile applications and services.

Also, if you bring agricultural products with you, and are not sure if you can bring them into the US, you can consult the Know Before You Go guide.

Another important CBP tool is the Border Wait Times application, through which the traveling public can monitor estimated wait times at the border to cross into the United States.

What documents should a tourist carry at all times?

Being a foreigner who enters the US legally, There are certain documentation that you must carry with you at all times if requested, that includes:

Official credentials such as INE, passport, visa, etc.

Worksite test like IMSS-ISSTE

Payroll receipt

Copy of the latest bank statement with updated address

International automobile insurance or specific policy for that trip

Copy of health insurance policy If they have it or you can process one, -the price ranges between $20 and $100 and is valid for multiple countries, trips and for up to 12 months.