Are Donald Trump’s properties facing seizure due to a 450 million fine?

Donald Trump has to pay a fine of $450 million in New York. This could pose difficulties for the billionaire. But if necessary, the chief prosecutor will have his assets seized, as she now said.

The verdict was harsh, the New York Times even called it devastating. And whatever the outcome of the appeal, Donald Trump will have to dig into his pocket one way or another. Very low: The ex-US President has to pay a fine of 355 million dollars, the equivalent of 329 million euros, plus around 100 million dollars in interest after a guilty verdict in a fraud trial – within 30 days and even if his defense lawyers appeal become. The public prosecutor in charge is now making it clear that, if necessary, she will have his properties seized in order to pay the fine.

Prosecutor ready to seize Donald Trump’s assets

If he doesn’t have the money to pay the fine, “we will take legal action. Then we would ask a judge to seize his assets so that the debt to the New Yorkers is paid off,” she told US. ABC station. Specifically, New York’s top prosecutor spoke from a Trump building in the city’s upscale and expensive financial district, which she sees “every single day.” According to their estimates, the skyscraper on Wall Street is worth around $200 million.

It is not yet clear whether this will happen for the businessman, as a kind of deposit – for example by rich patrons – would also be possible as a penalty payment. But neither Trump nor his Trump Organization is threatened with bankruptcy. His total assets are estimated at two to three billion US dollars.

Trump and sons are not allowed to run a company

The New York judge’s ruling, which also attacks Trump’s identity as a successful businessman, also requires that the 77-year-old real estate entrepreneur not be allowed to run a company in New York state for three years. His sons Eric and Donald Jr. must each pay a fine of around four million dollars and are not allowed to run a company in New York state for two years, according to a 92-page order that Judge Arthur Engoron published in mid-February.

The verdict was a “complete and total hypocrisy” and the whole process was part of a “witch hunt” against him ordered by his successor Joe Biden, the Republican complained after the judge’s verdict was announced. Political beliefs and the venue of the trial, not the facts, determined the outcome of the trial, criticized his son Donald Trump Jr. The metropolis of New York is considered liberal and usually votes predominantly Democratic.

Sources: DPA, AFP, Reuters, ABC News via YouTube