Donald Trump wants to reintroduce entry bans for Muslim countries

During his first presidency, Donald Trump imposed an entry ban on many Muslim countries. If he is re-elected, the ex-president wants to renew this ban.

Former US President Donald Trump promised at a gathering of Jewish Republicans to reintroduce an entry ban on Muslim-majority countries if he is re-elected. “We will keep radical Islamic terrorists out of our country,” Trump said Saturday at the annual meeting of the Jewish Association of Republicans. “Do you remember the entry ban? On the first day I will reintroduce our entry ban,” assured the ex-president.

At the start of his presidency in 2017, Trump introduced significant restrictions on travel from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen and, initially, Iraq and Sudan. The order was quickly challenged in court as discriminatory against a religious group, but was popular with Trump’s voter base.

Donald Trump’s entry ban: A calculated promise

Joe Biden reversed the travel ban in his first week as president in 2021.

Trump was one of several conservative Republican presidential candidates who reiterated their support for Israel in the war against Hamas at the gathering of influential Jewish donors. The ex-president described the conflict as a “battle between civilization and barbarism, between decency and depravity and between good and evil.”

Support for Israel is a key issue for both major U.S. political parties, and a rare case of foreign policy that could influence the voting behavior of U.S. citizens – not least because of the large number of Jewish voters.