Donald Trump: visiting his super fans

Since Trump has set the tone in America, the little ones can feel big. The Brockneys in New Hampshire, former Democrats, for example, have fanatically succumbed to him. Our reporter visited her.

It doesn't take two seconds to realize that Lucy and Gary Brockney are two of those warm, hospitable, permanently cheerful country Americans: “Hey, Buddy, what are you doing in the cold?” Gary calls out. “Come on in! There are more Trump signs to admire in here.”

Gary Brockney stands in jeans and a Trump sweater in the entrance to his wooden house covered in Trump posters. Above him is the US flag, on his face is the grin of a man who knows the certainties of life are on his side. “Glad you did it,” he says. – “We’ve never had Germany before,” says his wife Lucy. “We just had television from New York.” New York with the Brockneys: That was a big step.