Donald Trump promotes his own Bible edition: “Make America Pray Again”

After shoes and perfume, ex-President Donald Trump, who was plagued by all sorts of legal costs, is now also having a copy of the Bible sold under his name. To do this, he even changed his well-known campaign motto.

A few days before Easter, former US President Donald Trump, who was struggling with liquidity problems due to numerous legal proceedings, announced the sale of a Bible that he had specially sponsored. His “favorite book” is for sale for $59.99, the Republican presidential candidate announced on Tuesday on his online platform Truth Social. The Bible copies would be sold in collaboration with well-known conservative country musician Lee Greenwood, whose hit “God Bless the USA” is played at every Trump campaign rally.

“Religion and Christianity are the two things this country is missing the most,” Trump says in the three-minute video posted on Truth Social. In it he also calls for “giving America back its faith” – a reference to his campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Donald Trump is in financial trouble

Trump's Bible advertising comes at a time when the ex-president has to settle immense bills from various lawsuits. Trump has already been convicted in several civil lawsuits – in February, a fine of around $355 million plus interest was imposed on him in New York for embellishing business figures. That adds up to around $454 million that the judiciary had originally demanded from him as security.

Trump was found guilty of artificially inflating the assets of his real estate empire for years in order to obtain favorable conditions from banks and insurance companies. He did lodge an appeal. But he has to provide security so that an appeal process can take place. The court in New York announced on Monday that he must now provide a guarantee for 175 million dollars (around 160 million euros) within ten days.

The revelation by his lawyers that he had been unable to raise the original sum was an embarrassment for Trump, who always portrays himself as a brilliant businessman. The background is that the majority of his assets are tied up in real estate, so he does not have any cash available. Trump therefore even faced the risk that the public prosecutor's office would block his accounts or confiscate parts of his real estate. This risk has decreased due to the current easing of the conditions.

The copies of the Bible are offered on a website whose operators advertise that it is “the only Bible promoted by Donald Trump.” However, the organization points out that proceeds from Bible sales will not be used to finance Trump's campaign.

In 2020, Trump posed with a Bible in front of an Anglican church that had previously been damaged during anti-racism protests. He had himself photographed in front of the church with the Bible in his hand. This immediately caused severe criticism at the time.