Donald Trump can't pay the court fine. How rich is he really?

How rich is the ex-president really? So far he has not been able to pay the huge fine that will be due next week. And his assets don't seem to be doing well in other ways either. A search for clues.

Has it gotten to the point where you have to raise money for a billionaire? Elena Cardone, a particularly fanatical Trump supporter, believes so. She has launched an appeal on the Internet, on a platform where usually only the needy and charities collect donations. “Stand with Trump; fund the $355 million wrongful judgment,” she writes on the “gofundme” page. She is an ardent supporter of American values ​​and a champion of justice, and stands steadfastly at President Donald Trump's side “in the face of what I see as unprecedented and unfair treatment by certain elements of the New York judiciary.”