Bravos extends the contract of the architect on its current roster

ATLANTA.- The Atlanta Braves They agreed to extend the general manager’s contract Alex Anthopoulos so that the executive stays with the six-time champion team of the National League East in the MLB until the end of the 2031 season.

The team announced the deal on Friday and will keep the general manager who led them to win the World Series in 2021 and who has been responsible for several players signing long-term contracts.

Anthopoulos was hired by the Braves after the 2017 season, when the organization lost four consecutive seasons and was coming off a scandal for signing international players. His predecessor JOhn Coppolella He was initially banned for life by the MLBalthough they lifted the penalty a year ago.

With Anthopoulos at the helm, the Braves began their streak of division wins in 2018. This season, Atlanta achieved a maximum of Big leagues with 104 victories before being eliminated in the Division Series for the second year.

Anthopoulos, 46, thanked the team’s CEO Terry McGuirk “for your continued support and trust.”

His last contract with the Braves It was announced in February 2020 and would end until after the 2024 campaign.

Braves with equipment for a while:

Atlanta will start next season as one of the favorites to win it all again, largely thanks to the presence of a Ronald Acuña Jr. who was crowned as the Most valuable Player of the old circuit in 2023. The Venezuelan has also marked his place as one of the new faces of the Big leaguesnot only for his talent between the lines of lime, but also for his personality.

Together with Acuña Jr., the Braves They also bet on a core that includes Matt Olson, Ozzie Albies and Michael Harrisamong others.