Boris Johnson endorses Donald Trump’s candidacy: “Just what the world needs”

LONDON.– Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expressed his support for the election of donald trump as president of the United States because it is “just what the world needs.”

Johnson published an article in the newspaper ‘The Daily Mail‘ in which he maintains Trump’s support for Ukraine in his war against Russia“could be a great victory for the world” despite the lukewarmness that the leader of the Republican Party has shown on this issue.

“I simply cannot believe that Trump is going to abandon the Ukrainians. On the contrary, knowing that there is no chance of reaching an agreement with (Vladimir) Putin, as he (Trump) surely already knows, I think there is a good chance that get involved and finish what you started by giving them what they need to win,” the column states.

“If that happens, then there are all options for the West to be stronger with Trump and for the world to be more stable,” he stressed.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Trump to visit kyiv. “If you can stop this war for 24 hours, I think it would be enough to come to Kiev and I’ll be here any day,” Zelensky in a television interview in reference to Trump’s statement about his ability to end the war “in 24 hours.” .

Johnson’s opinion piece also highlights the fear of “global progress” upon Trump’s return to the White House. “At cocktail parties in Davos I have been told that global progress is shaking so much that you can hear the ice clinking in their negroni,” he said.

The world “now needs an American leader willing to use force and who is unpredictable to serve as a deterrent to the enemies of the West,” he has expressed in his weekly column, for which he receives a million pounds annually.

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