Biden collects record amount for the election campaign at a fundraising gala with Obama and Clinton

At a gala in New York, US President Joe Biden collected millions in donations for his election campaign alongside his Democratic predecessors Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. The celebrity-studded evening event, at which singers Queen Latifah and Lizzo performed, among others, took place on Thursday (local time) at the Radio City Music Hall. According to Biden's team, a record sum of 25 million dollars (around 23 million euros) was raised – more than Biden's rival Donald Trump raised in the entire month of February.

“The numbers don't lie: today's event is a tremendous show of force and reflects the re-election momentum of the Biden-Harris ticket,” said campaign fundraising director Jeffrey Katzenberg, referring to Biden's Vice President Kamala Harris.

According to the television station NBC News, guests at the gala were able to get a photo with Biden and the two former US presidents for $100,000. On stage, the trio took part in a question and answer session with serious and light topics, moderated by the well-known talk show host Stephen Colbert. In the end, all three put on aviator sunglasses – the 81-year-old Biden's favorite accessory.

The evening was accompanied by protests by pro-Palestinian demonstrators who had gathered in front of the venue. There were also whistles and shouts in the hall.

The Republican Trump and the Democrat Biden have secured the necessary delegate votes in their parties' primaries to be sent back into the race in the presidential election on November 5th. This will be a repeat of the 2020 duel, from which Biden emerged as the winner.

The 81-year-old Biden currently has a better-filled campaign coffers than his 77-year-old competitor Trump, who has to use some of the money collected to cover legal fees in his numerous legal proceedings. On the online service