Arsenal does not give up the Premier League title despite City's victory

LONDON.- Despite the fact that Manchester City beat Tottenham on Tuesday and became leader of the Premier League With one day to go, the coach of the ArsenalMikel Arteta assured this Wednesday that he retains “hope” of seeing his club crowned.

“There is always hope. I have experienced several situations like this and first you have to do what you have to do, do the job. From there, let's see what happens,” Arteta declared at the Spanish embassy in the United Kingdom, where he was decorated with the Officer's Cross of the Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic, a recognition for his contribution to Spain's international relations.

Arsenal (2nd, 86 points) has not won the crown since 2004 and to do so on Sunday it no longer depends on itself. They need to beat Everton and wait for a stumble from Manchester City (1st, 88th), who will play at home against West Ham.

“On Sunday we are going to live a wonderful day. It is the first time since the Emirates Stadium was built (inaugurated in 2006) that the Premier League is going to be there waiting for us, with the red ribbons, because if we win and they They don't win, the title is for us,” he said.

Solid resume with Arsenal:

Arteta (42 years old) was an Arsenal player (2011-2016) and has been coach of the 'Gunners' since 2019. At that stage on the London bench he has the 2020 English Cup as his main achievement, something that can surpass the Sunday.

His good role in the competitive Premier League has made his name be heard by other greats on the continent or even as a Spanish coach in the future. In his future plans he said that returning to Spain is something that “one day will come.”

“I have always thought that one day I will return. My land pulls me a lot. Our way of living, our way of getting together, the culture and the wonderful country we have. But I am happy here and I am grateful for how they treat me. I really enjoy being here. my job and one day it will come (return to Spain). I'm not going to be away all my life,” he stated.