Antonio Ledezma: Perfect unity, key to making Edmundo González the transition president

MADRID.- The political leader Antonio Ledezmaformer Metropolitan Mayor of Caracas, Venezuelahighlighted the determined will of Venezuelans to turn the presidential candidate of the unitary opposition, Edmundo González Urrutia, into “the president of the transition†and he affirmed that for this we have “perfect unity,†in view of the elections next July.

Ledezma pointed this out to the mayor of the city of Tenerife, José Manuel Bermúdez, during his visit to the municipal government palace, after participating in the talk-colloquium Democracy in Venezuela organized by the Cabildo, through the Directorate of Foreign Action and Institutional Relations.

In the conversation that was held in response to the demands of Venezuelans residing on the largest Spanish island in the Canary Islands, according to the municipal institution, the deputy of the European Parliament, Leopoldo López Gil, also participated.

Ledezma, coordinator of the International Political Council of the campaign command of the disqualified former presidential candidate María Corina Machado who now accompanies González, addressed the need to return democratic institutions to Venezuela.

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Unit for transition

Ledezma, who was received along with his wife Mitzy Capriles de Ledezma by the director of Foreign Action of the Cabildo, Pedro González Delgado, highlighted the achievement of the opposition unity, lost in recent years, to achieve the transition considered crucial for the future of Venezuela, at a unique moment in the country's history, political analysts have maintained.

“We Venezuelans are determined to make Edmundo González the president of the transition, for which we have perfect unity, with María Corina Machado (opposition leader) and all the opposition factors rowing in the same direction,” he expressed Ledezma to Mayor Bermúdez during their conversation at the local government headquarters.

In another part of his statements, Ledezma pointed out the importance of a peaceful and secure process in Venezuela, solving the problem of governability penetrated by drug trafficking and the Colombian guerrilla.

“Now the date of July 28 is scheduled, which we are going to take care of like a mother who takes care of her child because it is the demonstration that we want to resolve this through peaceful means, like in other countries.†.

And he added: “It is not possible that the Maduro regime intends to entrench itself in power, and above all a regime that is co-responsible for the collapse of the economy and a multiple crisis that affects Venezuelans daily in a country that It has the largest oil reserves in the world and it has no gasoline.â€

Ledezma, also a former senator of Venezuela, who has been harassed and threatened by Nicolás Maduro's regime, has been a defender of democracy and the future of Venezuelans since the positions he has held while he remained in Venezuela, where he fled from Chavista persecution. Recently, he published the book Venezuela, Politics and Environment in which he proposes a gradual transition toward cleaner energy sources.