Will he listen to you? China asks the US to stop selling weapons to Taiwan and ‘not interfere in its affairs’

This Friday, China urged the United States to stop selling arms to Taiwan and “not to interfere in its internal affairs,” after a US official reaffirmed his country’s commitment to “do whatever is necessary to help Taiwan defend itself.”

The spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Mao Ning, explained at a press conference that “the Taiwan issue is the most important and delicate in relations between China and the United States,” and that Washington should “reflect in its concrete actions its commitment to do not support independence” of the island.

He also urged the United States to “support the peaceful reunification” of Taiwan with China.

The strategic communication coordinator of the United States National Security CouncilKurt Campbell, had declared this Thursday to Taiwanese media that his country’s determination “to maintain peace and stability” in the Taiwan Strait “remains solid.”

Last Wednesday, during his meeting in San Francisco With his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, US President Joe Biden reiterated that Washington “opposes any unilateral change to the ‘status quo’ by either side” in the Taiwan Strait and called for “ “The differences between the two parties are resolved by peaceful means.”

The Taiwanese question is one of the main points of friction between Beijing and Washington, since the United States is the main supplier of Taipei weapons and could defend the island in case of conflict.

Taiwan – where the Chinese nationalist army withdrew after the defeat at the hands of communist troops in the civil war (1927-1949) – has been governed autonomously since the end of the war, Although China claims sovereignty over the island, which he considers a rebellious province for whose “reunification” he has not ruled out the use of force.