Who was Raúl Quintana, boyfriend of María Celeste Arrarás

MIAMI.- The journalist María Celeste Arrarás maintained for a long time a discreet Romance with Raúl Quintana, businessman Venezuelan who died due to a sudden heart attack. Although the relationship was initially marked by some ups and downs, they both gave their love the opportunity to flourish and managed to stay together for 14 years.

It was in 2010 when the relationship began, but a domestic altercation led them to distance themselves. It even emerged that the Puerto Rican woman reported him to the authorities for alleged violence.

After pleading guilty, the court dismissed the charges. According to People en Español, Raúl Quintana was a millionaire, with a passion for aviation and nautical. He was also described as a loving father.

Time after the incident, in the program Red Hot, Quintana defended his version of the events and, later, Arrarás emphasized that the episode should remain in the past.

However, what was not forgotten were the feelings between the two, because according to an article in the Puerto Rican newspaper The New Day, dated 2012, Quintana went to therapy to manage his anger and asked the presenter for forgiveness. Since then, they tried again and stayed together.

Family life

Although María Celeste kept her love affair away from the media spotlight, Quintana was not a stranger to her family and friends.

Journalist Mandy Fridmann revealed that they had been living together for some time and alleged that they allegedly got married in secret. “There are even those who claim that they were married by law,” Fridmann said.

Likewise, the businessman's relationship with Arrarrás' children, Julián, Adrián and Lara, was positive. “María Celeste and Raúl formed a beautiful family where (her) three children loved (him) like a father,” he reported on May 3.

“(He was) a man whom his children loved very much. He was very present,” said Lili Estefan about it in the broadcast of The fat and the skinny.

Quintana was at Lara and Adrián's graduation from Florida International University and People magazine reported that she also had a good relationship with Manny Arvesú, lawyer and ex-husband of Arrarás, with whom she frequently shared the young people.

Presenter Carlos Aydan expressed to People magazine in Spanish his surprise upon hearing the news. “He was always very happy and hospitable. I shared with them three days ago. I got a lump in my throat.”

In December, the journalist felt confident about making their relationship public and shared the first photograph with Raúl on Instagram. “My best gift,” she wrote then.

During the following weeks, he posted images of moments they shared together: walks, trips and romantic dinners.

After hearing the news, personalities from the entertainment world have sent their condolences to the journalist through social networks.