Who is Corina Yoris, the standard bearer of María Corina Machado

CARACAS.- In a strategic move to keep her fight for Venezuela alive, the opposition leader Maria Corina Machado This Friday he appointed the university professor Corina Yoris as his substitute in the presidential elections, scheduled for July 28 of this year.

Born in Caracas, Yoris has a degree in Philosophy and Letters, in addition to having a doctorate in History from the Andrés Bello Catholic University (UCAB). Her experience as a professor of Logic and Argumentation Theory in various university institutions, both in Venezuela and abroad, has given her deep knowledge of the subject.

Throughout her career, she has held important roles within the academic community, standing out as president of the Venezuelan Society of Philosophy and participating in the boards of directors of the Inter-American Society and the Ibero-American Philosophy Network. Her work has also led her to be internationally recognized, with her being a member of the Mexican Academy of Logic and the International É tienne Gilson Society.

In the political sphere, Yoris has been a main member of the National Primary Commission of the Unitary Platform since November 2022, showing his commitment to the development and democratization of the country.

His dedication and contribution to academia have been widely recognized, receiving distinctions such as the Andrés Bello Catholic University Order and the Federico Riu Philosophical Research Award, among others. Recently, she has been named a full member of the prestigious Venezuelan Academy of Language, reflecting her influence and relevance in the country's intellectual sphere.

Persecution of the regime

With the deadline to register candidates about to expire next Monday, Machado expressed his determination to complete the application process before this deadline. However, this commitment comes amid a series of challenges, including the arrest of several campaign workers close to Machado, accused of conspiracy to destabilize the Maduro regime.

Although Machado overwhelmingly won a primary election last year, her candidacy has been hampered by an administrative order from the pro-Maduro Supreme Court of Justice that disqualified her from holding public office for the next 15 years.

The political disqualification in Venezuela is the subject of criticism by the Venezuelan opposition and international organizations, who consider it a tool used by the Maduro regime to silence the opposition.