White House rules out cognitive testing for Biden after chaotic debate with Trump

WASHINGTON — White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre on Tuesday ruled out conducting a cognitive test on President Joe Biden following his chaotic performance in the televised debate with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The White House believes Biden, 81, can make a comeback after last week’s disastrous debate with Donald Trump.

“He knows how to bounce back,” said spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre, adding that there was “no justification, no need” for the president to undergo a cognitive test.

“The medical team said that it is not justified in this case. We have provided a thorough and transparent report, a transparent annual report on his health,” the official said, adding that the White House “understands the concerns” given that “the president did not have a great night.”

Jean-Pierre argued that the administration has published “exhaustive reports from his medical team every year since he took office.” “What we believe was a bad night. And on top of that, he did it (the debate) while he had a cold,” he added.

Lost opportunity

The showdown with Trump was meant to be an opportunity for Biden to dispel doubts about his advanced age and fitness for office, and to publicly “portray” his rival as an “existential threat” to American democracy, according to the argument used by the Democrats’ campaign.

But his speech was halting. He stumbled several times and seemed to lose his train of thought. As a result, some Democrats are considering behind the scenes whether he should remain the party’s nominee, which has until August to decide.

For 90 minutes, Biden struggled to counter Trump’s bombastic style, which was forceful and forceful.

On screen, Biden was seen staring, mouth agape, as Trump, 78, spoke.

The White House Argument

“He understands that he is not a young man, obviously, he has said that himself, but his goal is to continue in the position to serve the American people on the issues that matter,” he said in response to numerous questions from the press about Biden’s state of health.

The verdict was unanimous and condemnatory. It was a “political disaster” that caused “consternation” within the party ranks with just over four months to go before the elections.

This comes after former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 84, who is running for re-election to the House of Representatives, suggested in an interview with MSNBC that both Biden and former President Donald Trump should take mental agility tests.

Biden’s poor performance has even led to a rumour in the United States about the convenience of changing candidates. The first to speak out on the matter was the Democratic representative for the state of Texas, Lloyd Doggett, who called on Biden to withdraw from the presidential race.