What to do if you suffer a muscle cramp like the one Greeicy had on stage? A specialist answers

Singer Greeicy Rendón had an accident on stage at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, Colombia, on March 15. The Colombian had a muscle cramp that prevented her from continuing dancing and led her to lie on the floor.

Immediately the dancers who accompanied her came to help her, as did staff from the staff. The interpreter of Kisses, Lovers and Miniskirt He stopped his presentation for a few minutes to recover.

Greeicy joked with her fans about what happened and said that this cramp had given away her age: “Officially, guys, I’m 31 years old,” the singer said, joking with her audience.

But does age really have anything to do with this situation?

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The opinion of a specialist

On his visit to Todaythe internist Carlos Riverosexplained why muscle cramps happen.

“It is very common for it to happen during extreme exercises, very strong movements, especially in situations where there is a little dehydration or lack of electrolytes, magnesium, potassium or calcium, which can cause the muscle to contract very strongly with a lot of pain,” he noted. .

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According to the Mayo Clinic, a cramp is “a sudden, unexpected tightness of one or more muscles. Muscle cramps can be very painful. Exercising or exerting yourself too much, especially in hot weather, can lead to muscle cramps. “Some medications and illnesses can also cause muscle cramps.”

Mayo Clinic points out that cramps are usually harmless, however, they can be related to other conditions such as insufficient blood flow, pinched nerve or lack of minerals, as Dr. Riveros commented.

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To prevent this discomfort from occurring, you must have adequate hydration and stretch before physical activity.

Dr. Carlos Riveros shared what can be done if a cramp occurs:

“As it is a contracture, you have to produce a gentle stretch of the muscle, either by making the leg backwards, flexing the muscle a little, the foot forward, so that the muscle stretches little by little and a massage without squeezing.”

In the case of Greeicy, the singer stretched with the help of her dancers and after a few minutes of rest she was able to continue with her Show.