What nationality do babies born on international flights have? This we know

Babies are often born on public transportation: in a van, in a taxi on the way to the hospital, or on the Metro. Mothers receive help from the people who are with them at that moment and what a great feat it is to bring a living being into the world in adverse circumstances.

Recently, it was announced that a baby was born in the middle of an Aeroméxico flight. The route was Mexico City- Ciudad Juárez and everything went well.

But, for example, What happens to those babies who are born when their mothers travel on an international flight? Do they acquire dual nationality? We tell you what we know about the subject.

What nationality do babies born on international flights have?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) recommends that pregnant women Do not travel after week 36.

Besides, airlines request a medical authorization to board the plane, starting at week 28. These measures are taken with the objective of precisely avoiding births in the air or any other issue related to the health of women and babies.

But in case for some reason the woman, go into labor while flying from one country to another, Each nation has its legislation regarding how or when it grants nationalities for these situations.

For example, United States establishes that if the baby is born in its airspace, during a flight, in effect, American nationality is automatically obtained.

In addition, the baby may have the nationality of its parents, so it could have a double identification regarding its place of origin.

Other possible scenarios are that the baby obtains the nationality of the destination of the plane. In the case of Mexicostates in article 30 of the Constitution that:

Those born aboard Mexican vessels or aircraft, whether war or merchant, will have Mexican nationality.

In which cases does Mexico grant Mexican nationality?

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), Mexican nationality can be acquired under these situations:

Who are born in national territory, regardless of the origin of their parents. Also babies whose labor took place in another country, but mom and dad are Mexican.

”Those who are born abroad are added, children of Mexican parents by naturalization, of a Mexican father by naturalization, or of a Mexican mother by naturalization,” details the SRE.