What happened to actress Stormy Daniels? This is how he reacted to Donald Trump's verdict

New York, May 31.- The porn actress Stormy Daniels She feels “a little vindicated” after the guilty verdict against former US President Donald Trump for buying her silence after having an adulterous relationship with her.

Daniels “feels a little vindicated by being shown to be telling the truth” after this long judicial process in which she has been the protagonist, explained her husband Barrett Blade, who is also an adult film actor, in an interview with CNN.

Stormy Daniels is still “processing all of this,” explained Blade, who assured that the actress has been waiting for this news for a long time.

“This would not have happened without her, but it was not her case either,” said Blade, who added that he was not sure that this recognition of his wife after the sentence could “be important” because there are people who “won't believe it”.

However, “it's going to be hard for her, now all the mega idiots (who don't believe her) will come after her and create more fuss than necessary because facts are facts and I don't think they'll see them,” the actor complained.

Trump was found guilty this Thursday of 34 crimes in a criminal trial held in New York, which are based on a trail of checks, invoices for incorrect concepts and refunds to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels for a sexual relationship in a Lake Tahoe suite.

The jury found it proven, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Trump knowingly and voluntarily falsified the reimbursements to his then-loyal collaborator and legal advisor Michael Cohen in the amount of 420 thousand dollars with the intention of hiding the payment to Daniels before the 2016 elections, in exchange for keeping his secrets.

Trump responds to guilty verdict: It's a rigged trial

For his part, Trump, who appeared with a blue tie and a pin with the United States flag, received the news with frown and sad face.

On the street next to the court, Trump's supporters and detractors have sometimes gotten into shouting matches, but without violence, since the verdict was made public. Some cried but others cheered for Justice. The two groups were separated by fences.

After being found guilty, the Republican Party candidate attacked the process and called it “by hand” and of “shame”. “The real verdict will be given on November 5 by the people“, he told the press at the doors of the room.

He added that he will continue “fighting” and took the opportunity to launch some of his campaign themes: “We no longer have the same country, we have a divided disaster. “We are in decline, with millions of people sneaking in from prisons and mental institutions, and terrorists taking over the country.”

He has always defended his innocence and has described this process on multiple occasions as a witch hunt that seeks to interfere in his campaign for the presidential elections next November, where he is already the virtual Republican candidate and will face the current president, Democrat Joe Biden. .