Vladimir Putin would rather Biden than Trump – "more predictable" president

Are Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump pretty much best friends? Probably not. Now Putin commented on his desired outcome for the US presidential elections in the fall – which Trump in turn immediately commented on.

In his own words, Russian head of state Vladimir Putin finds another term in office for US President Joe Biden more desirable than a return of Donald Trump to the White House. When asked by a journalist in Moscow on Wednesday which winner Russia would like in the US presidential election on November 5th, Putin replied: “Biden, he is more experienced. He is predictable, he is an old-school politician.”

The Russian government will “work with any US leader in whom the US people have trust,” Putin assured.

Addressing widespread concerns about Biden's advanced age of 81, the Russian president said: “In fact, when I met Mr. Biden three years ago, people were already talking about his shortcomings, but I didn't see anything like that.” According to US polls, there are serious concerns among voters in the United States about the Democrat's ability to hold office given his advanced age.

Vladimir Putin criticizes Biden's “political stance”.

However, Putin also expressed clear criticism of US foreign policy under Biden on Wednesday. “What we need to examine is the political stance, and that of the current government is extremely harmful and wrong,” the Kremlin leader said. Biden is a staunch supporter of Ukraine, against which Russia has been waging a military offensive for almost two years.

Trump viewed Putin's comments on Wednesday at a campaign event in the US state of South Carolina as a “great compliment.” The Republican said to his supporters about Putin: “I get along well with him, but he doesn't want me, he wants Biden.” Then he added: “Biden will give him Ukraine.”

Biden has repeatedly criticized Putin sharply. His Republican predecessor Trump, however, has repeatedly expressed his admiration for the Kremlin boss. Trump also said at a rally on Saturday that he would not come to the aid of NATO countries that do not spend enough on defense in an attack. He would then even encourage Russia to do “whatever they want” with them.

This triggered sharp criticism from the USA's partner countries and US President Biden. “For God’s sake, that’s stupid, that’s shameful, that’s dangerous, that’s un-American,” Biden said.

The US President, for his part, repeatedly gives rise to discussions with slips of the tongue and mix-ups. Biden recently confused the late former Chancellor Helmut Kohl with the former Chancellor Angela Merkel, and also the late French head of state François Mitterrand with the incumbent Emmanuel Macron.

The Republicans enjoy exploiting Biden's verbal missteps – even though their prospective, 77-year-old presidential candidate Trump also repeatedly raises eyebrows by confusing names and making bizarre statements.