Vince McMahon resigns from WWE after sexual abuse allegations

STAMFORD.- Vince McMahon, an icon of the wrestlingresigned on Friday from the company that controls the WWEa day after a former employee filed a federal lawsuit accusing him and another former executive of serious sexual crimes.

Among these crimes would have been offering the woman’s sexual services to a star wrestler.

McMahon resigned from his position as executive chairman of the board of directors at TKO Group Holdings, the company that owns WWE, according to a statement issued Friday night. McMahon continued to deny any wrongdoing following the lawsuit filed by Janel Grant, who worked in the company’s legal and talent departments.

The lawsuit includes allegations that McMahon, now 78, forced Grant into a sexual relationship in order to get and keep the job. Likewise, he would have given pornographic photos and videos of the woman to some men, including other WWE employees.

The Associated Press does not typically identify alleged sexual assault victims. However, Grant’s representatives said he wants his name released.

His attorney declined to comment Friday.

McMahon’s statement indicates that he decided to leave the council “out of respect” for WWE and the TKO Group.

“I stand by my previous statements that Ms. Grant’s lawsuit is filled with lies, fabricated obscene instances that never occurred, and vindictive distortions of reality,” the statement said. “I intend to vigorously defend myself against these baseless accusations, and I look forward to clearing my name.”

New WWE departure:

McMahon resigned as general director of WWE in 2022, amid an investigation into accusations similar to those mentioned in the lawsuit, filed on Thursday in the Federal District Court in the state of Connecticut, where the WWE entertainment organization is based. wrestling.

For decades, McMahon was the leader and most recognized face of WWE.

In 1982, he bought the Wrestling Federation (WWF) from his father. Back then, these shows were held in small venues and broadcast through local cable channels.

Now, performances are held in stadiums, attracting viewers in different countries.