Víctor Wembanyama gives a devilish performance

Victor Wembanyama had his best performance so far this season, going to the 30 points, 6 rebounds, 6 assists and 7 blocks in just 24 minutes on the court for the San Antonio Spurs to beat the Trail Blazers 105-118 in Portland.

The domain of the brand new number 1 in the draft It was going to be constant. A threat inside and, of course, outside (2/4 in triples). They just needed 24 minutes to be the great protagonist of the night. A superlative player, who leaves moments for the gallery and who reminds us every night where the limits of the human body are.

No player had ever achieved those statistics in the NBA with less than 30 minutes on the court, they had never been achieved by a player under 20 years old and he joins David Robinson, Spurs legend, as the only rookies to sign a 30- 5-5-7.

It was also a great demonstration of effectiveness, as Wemby finished 9/14 in field goals, including 2/4 in triples, and a perfect 10/10 in free throws.

After the disastrous season of Spurs (5-25) had put him in the background, and a star called to be generational like him I needed to change the dynamic, boost a team that, despite being under reconstruction, needed a boost. The continuous controversy that if they do not play for him or do not look for him has been losing strength in the last weeks.

We see the center more participatory than ever, making decisions in attack and being the defensive anchor and monster near the hoop to which we are already accustomed. The 7 caps give a good example of them. Also, increasingly comfortable assisting from the post to his companions.

Maybe San Antonio can’t do anything to fight for something this season. But Wembayama does have a lot to prove.