USA Trump promises to abolish tax on tips

At a campaign rally in Las Vegas, Donald Trump addresses his audience with a tailor-made promise – and incites hatred against people who seek asylum in the USA.

Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump is targeting the votes of people who work in the hospitality and hotel industry with a new campaign promise.

“When I get into office, we will no longer tax tips,” said the former US president local time at a campaign event in Las Vegas. The desert city, famous primarily for its legalized gambling, is home to many people who work in the hospitality and hotel industry. Jobs in this industry are generally subject to the minimum wage of the respective state, which is barely enough to live on in the USA. Most people therefore rely on tips.

The state of Nevada, where Las Vegas is located, is a so-called “swing state,” meaning it cannot be firmly attributed to either the Democrats or the Republicans. That is why both Trump and the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden are trying to score points with voters, especially in these states. However, Trump could not change the taxation of tips on his own: it would require appropriate legislation from Congress.

Trump incites against asylum seekers

As at almost every campaign event, the Republican once again railed against people who are fleeing their homeland to the USA because of poverty, violence and political crises. “They are destroying our black population. They are completely destroying our Latin American population,” Trump said, inciting these groups and blaming migrants for falling wages, among other things. In the USA, newcomers often work in poorly paid jobs in the hospitality industry, the food industry and on construction sites – partly because employers there sometimes do not require papers. In return, people often have no job protection whatsoever and the risk of exploitation is high.

Trump accused his rival Biden of being too lax with regard to migration. Just last week, Trump had drastically tightened the asylum rules for the US border with Mexico. The new measures allow the authorities to deport people who have entered the country irregularly, in some cases without processing their asylum applications.