US soldiers in Mexico: What areas would they arrive in and what would their tasks be?

After this Wednesday the full Senate will approve the president's authorization Andrés Manuel López Obrador For the entry of 11 armed agents into the national territory, uncertainty grows about what their tasks will be and in which areas they will operate.

With 79 votes in favor, 10 against and one abstention, the legislators endorsed the ruling that allows US military personnel to enter the country, at the request of the president, but what will their tasks be?

According to first reports, the soldiers will remain in Mexico for around two months, to train Mexican troops at the facilities of the Santa Gertrudis National Training Center, in the northern state of Chihuahua.

Where they will carry weapons, ammunition, material and specialized equipment for the development of activities in the so-called “Joint Combination Exercise Training”.

This in order to “improve the capacity for planning and executing special operations, skills necessary for the correct performance of the Mexican Army in its tasks.”

However, this measure has been strongly criticized by public officials who denounced that the entry of armed soldiers into the country is prohibited in the Constitution.

US military in Mexico, in which areas will they operate?

So far it has been reported that the agents will be deployed in the Santa Gertrudis municipality, Chihuahua.

Where they will go to the facilities of the Santa Gertrudis National Training Center, in the period from April 8 to May 17 of this year.

The US troops will enter aboard a C-130 Hercules aircraft of the American Air Force, which will land at Air Base No. 11located in the aforementioned facilities.

The opinion was approved a day earlier in the National Defense Commission of the Upper House, chaired by Senator Félix Salgado Macedonio, who pointed out that in addition to training and training the Mexican armed forces, this exercise will allow “strengthening the bilateral relationship” with USA. * With information from EFE