US politics expert: "One social media post from Trump and NATO would be over"

If Trump becomes president again, the international order will collapse completely, predicts Frum. A conversation about the fatal impact of a social media post and the question of what we can learn from Trump about geopolitics.

This text is part of the series “Trump’s Revenge”, in which our reporters investigate the question: What would happen if Donald Trump moves into the White House again? This episode is about the impact that a second Trump term in office would have on international alliances and geopolitical decisions that also affect Germany.

David Frum, 63, is considered one of the most prominent conservative intellectuals in the USA. During George W. Bush’s first two years in office, Frum was his speechwriter. These days, however, the native Canadian has been tirelessly warning against a second Donald Trump presidency in television interviews and in articles for the magazine “The Atlantic,” for which he works.

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Mister Frumif you believe you, things could get pretty bad.
Yes, but we can prevent it. Still.