US Lower House approves that the TikTok platform be sold or banned

The United States House of Representatives approved this Saturday a measure that forces the parent company of the social network TikTok to sell this platform, or else face being banned in this country.

The legislation forces the company ByteDance, based in China, to dissociate itself from the short video application TikTok within nine months, or else this platform would be banned in the United States.

The sale period could be extended for another year, a decision that would be in the hands of the president of the United States, the channel reported. NBC News.

Why is TikTok a danger to the US?

American legislators They argue that the platform represents a threat for the national security of the United States, due to the possibility of the Chinese Government accessing user data.

The US intelligence community has already accused China of having used TikTok to influence the 2022 midterm elections and warned that he could also try to interfere in the November elections this year because of his desire to “widen the divisions of American society.”

The measure has the acceptance of the Senate along with the support of President Joe Biden and places TikTok closer than ever to a ban in the United States.

It is planned that the Lower House also vote this Saturday separately several bills that would authorize a large $95 billion foreign aid package to Ukraine and Israel, with security assistance also to the Indo-Pacific.

TikTok CEO talks about the app's privacy measures

In March, the Executive Director of TikTok faced pointed questions about the app's relationship with its Chinese parent company, where combative lawmakers made clear they do not accept its promise to keep users and their data safe.

Shou Chew came prepared for all accusations what you would hear from legislators. In his opening statement, he sought to assure the committee that TikTok operates independently of ByteDance.

“We believe we are the only company, the only company, that applies this level of transparency,” Shou said emphatically of the privacy measures the company has implemented.