US election: Trump: Decision on vice president made

For months, Trump has been allowing speculation to run rampant about who he will choose as his vice president. When asked if he has already decided on someone, Trump now answers: “In my head, yes.”

Former US President and current presidential candidate Donald Trump says he has decided on a running mate for the US presidential election in November, but has not told anyone yet. When asked by a reporter whether he had decided, Trump replied in Philadelphia: “In my head, yes.” When asked whether anyone knew his selection, he said: “No, nobody knows.”

Trump had traveled to Philadelphia in the US state of Pennsylvania for a campaign appearance and stopped off at a steak restaurant beforehand. There he was cheered by supporters and also answered some questions from reporters.

The 78-year-old wants to challenge the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden (81) in the presidential election in early November. Biden is running again in the election with his current deputy Kamala Harris, who, like him, is struggling with poor popularity ratings. Trump has been allowing speculation to run wild for months about who he will bring in as his vice president.

The office of Vice President is not an easy

Now Trump campaigned vigorously. Before his trip to Philadelphia, he canvassed for votes at a meeting of politically influential evangelical Christians in the US capital Washington. Biden, on the other hand, spent the weekend at Camp David, the country residence of US presidents near Washington, to prepare for the upcoming TV debate between him and Trump.

The office of Vice President is not an easy one in general: the deputy’s job is to promote and represent the president’s policies, while at the same time setting his own priorities without stealing the show from his boss, not making mistakes, but without shining too brightly himself. Trump in particular does not like to share fame and attention with others.

Biden and Trump had already secured the necessary number of delegates for the nominating conventions in the summer, where they will be officially chosen as presidential candidates, in their parties’ internal primaries. The Republican nominating convention is scheduled to take place from July 15 to 18 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.