US election campaign Barron Trump doesn't want to choose his father as a candidate – after he didn't know his age

Under Donald Trump, the US presidency became a family business. Now his youngest offspring Barron should also play an important role. But he obviously doesn't feel like it. Previously, father Donald had made a bitter mistake.

It was supposed to be the big family show for Donald Trump. When Donald Trump is officially declared the presidential candidate at the Republican Party Convention in Wisconsin in June, three of his children and his daughter-in-law will also be among the delegates. However, his youngest son Barron canceled again. He has better things to do.

His mother Melania's office announced this on Friday. Barron is honored to have been selected as a delegate by the Florida Republican Party, the statement said. “Unfortunately, he declines to participate due to previous commitments.” However, which one exactly was not revealed.

Donald Trump: Barron keeps his distance

The decision to include Barron also came as a surprise. Unlike the rest of the family, Trump's only son with his third wife Melania had largely held back from supporting his father. While his half-brothers Donald Jr. and Eric Trump and their partners regularly interfere in the election campaign and even occupy active positions in the Republican Party, Barron had not even attended his father's appearances in the current election campaign.

Former President Trump has emphasized his son's political interest several times since the announcement on Wednesday. “He's very interested in politics, which I find amusing,” he told a radio station in Philadelphia. “He sometimes tells me, 'Dad, this is what you should do.' In another interview about their relationship, however, he made quite a mistake.

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Trump makes a mistake about Barron's age

At the Spanish-language TV station Telemundo Miami, he actually wanted to emphasize the good relationship with his son. “I think it's cute, he's still a very young guy,” Trump beamed pointedly into the camera when asked about Barron's participation in the nomination. “He's only 17. But if they can do it, I'm all for it. And knowing him, of course he'll be for it too.”

This probably didn't go over so well with Barron: the more than two-meter-tall high schooler turned 18 on March 20 of this year. His rejection followed only a short time after the interview.

Sources:The Hill, Telemundo