UN General Assembly calls for “Olympic truce” to be respected

UNITED NATIONS.- The UN General Assembly This Tuesday, by an absolute majority, he asked all the countries of the world to respect the traditional “Olympic truce” on the occasion of the Paris Games next summer, a symbolic resolution that is not binding.

The resolution, adopted by 118 votes in favor, none against and the abstentions of Russia and Syriaurges member states to “observe the Olympic Truce individually and collectively” seven days before the start of the Games Paris Games (July 26 and August 11, 2024) and seven days after the end of the Paralympic games (August 28 to September 8).

The text prepared by France and co-sponsored by more than sixty countries also underlines the “importance of cooperation between member states to apply the values ​​of the Olympic Truce in the world.”

The Games are the best embodiment of the power of sport because they spread its values ​​of sharing, tolerance and respect around the world.“he declared on the UN platform, Tony Estanguetresponsible for the Organizing Committee of the Paris Olympic Games.

“They combine the values ​​of sport and the diversity of the world, they are universal,” he said.

“In the current context of conflicts and tensions that we are experiencing, We are more convinced than ever that we need the Games“, said.

The UN once again opened doors for the truce:

Inspired by the ancient Greek tradition of “ekecheiria”, which imposed the cessation of all hostilities during the ancient Olympic Gamesthe “Olympic Truce” was reintroduced by the UN In 1993, following an initiative by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Generally adopted by consensus every two years before the Winter and Summer Games, This truce is not always respected.

For example, the IOC considers that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia on February 24, 2022 constitutes a violation of the Olympic truce linked to the Beijing Games 2022.

Therefore, it recommends that international federations ban their competitions on Russian soil and ban all official Russian symbols: anthems and flags.