Ukraine support Could Trump overturn the pact between Biden and Zelensky?

The agreement, in which the US pledges support to Ukraine for a decade, is a milestone for the country. But what if Donald Trump actually becomes president?

The promise sounds epochal. The United States wants to support Ukraine militarily for a decade. US President Joe Biden and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced this last week at the G7 summit in Italy.

“A lasting peace for Ukraine” must be secured by the country's ability “to defend itself now and deter future aggression,” Biden said. For Zelensky, it was “a historic day” and the agreement benefits everyone in the world.

The USA reaffirmed that Ukraine's future lies in NATO, the text of the agreement states. It also states that America will not send its own troops to Ukraine. Biden had repeatedly ruled this out since the beginning of the Russian invasion. The agreement provides for several measures: Ukraine is to continue to receive support with weapons systems and ammunition in the current war, among other things. In addition, the Ukrainian arms industry is to be rebuilt.

Possibly the last US aid package for Ukraine

However, the agreement will not be submitted to the American Congress for ratification. If Donald Trump wins the presidential election in November, he could revoke the ten-year agreement by decree. Trump has been promising for months that he can end the war within 24 hours. In the spring, the Washington Post reported that Trump wanted to pressure Ukraine to permanently give up territories conquered by Russia, especially Crimea and the Donbas. In return, Russia would have to cease hostilities. It would be a dictated peace, conceived in Washington.

Even if Trump is not re-elected, it is unclear whether Joe Biden will be able to keep the promises made in the agreement in a second term. In April, Congress passed a relief package worth 61 billion US dollars. However, the Republicans had previously blocked it for months. It is quite possible that this could be the last relief package from the USA.