Ukraine should not get “a penny”: Trump against support

If Donald Trump were re-elected US President, he would stop supporting Ukraine, reports Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who met with Trump.

According to Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, former US President Donald Trump said when the two met that he would “not spend a penny” on the Ukraine war. In an interview with the Hungarian TV channel M1, Orban said of Trump: “He has a very clear vision that is difficult not to agree with. He says this: First of all, he will not spend a penny on the war between Ukraine and Russia.”

“It is obvious that Ukraine cannot stand on its own two feet”

Orban further told the interview: “That is why the war will end, because it is obvious that Ukraine cannot stand on its own two feet. If the Americans do not give money, the Europeans alone will not be able to finance this war. And then the war is over.” Trump has “pretty detailed plans on how to end this war,” Orban added – but did not want to elaborate when asked.

Trump's team initially left an inquiry from the AFP news agency about Orban's statements unanswered. Trump has not yet commented on the content of the talks with Orban. The Hungarian head of government met the designated US Republican presidential candidate on Friday at his private residence at Mar-a-Lago in the state of Florida. Both praised each other for their political achievements on the sidelines of the meeting.

Friendship with Donald Trump, differences with Joe Biden

The right-wing populists Trump and Orban have had friendly relations for years, while the Hungarian head of government's relationship with Biden is characterized by tensions. Such tensions arose, among other things, because of Hungarian resistance to Sweden's NATO accession, which Budapest only recently gave up – and generally because of Orban's Russia-friendly stance in the midst of the Ukraine war.