Two to prison for robbery at a Hialeah ATM, a camera recorded the incident

MIAMI.- Two young people were arrested for a heist at gunpoint at an ATM in the city of Hialeahwhich was recorded on January 21, according to authorities.

The suspects, Eric Guerra (21 years old) and Leandro López-Sánchez (21 years old), are accused of robbing a man at gunpoint while he was using the ATM at a Bank of America branch.

According to the story of the policeGuerra allegedly approached the victim, pointed a gun at him, stole $200 in cash and fled the scene. The cinematic assault was recorded on camera.

López-Sánchez was identified through the surveillance cameras that operate at the scene and, according to Hialeah police, confessed to the crime, implicating Guerra as the armed suspect seen in the images.

Authorities suspect that Guerra and López-Sánchez They could be involved in similar thefts held in other cities in South Florida.

Both suspects remain in custody without bail while awaiting trial, and if convicted, could even receive a life sentence, some experts said.

The incident has generated concern among residents and frequent users of the areaemphasizing the unusual nature of such crimes in the neighborhood.

Authorities called on the community to take precautions, such as conducting transactions during the day and remaining vigilant at all times.