Trump's SMS campaign: You have a new message from Donald Trump

The judiciary is corrupt. America is sinking. But most of all: I need money. The ex-president sends his messages to millions of cell phones around the clock. Also on that of star-Reporters. Insights into Trump's disturbing campaign advertising.

A few times a day Donald Trump sends me a text message. Sometimes he sends personal praise: “They think they can destroy me. But you won't let that happen.” At one point he warns: “Breaking news. In 48 hours America will no longer exist.” And once: “Don’t let Obama spit in your face.”

On the first day of his criminal trial, he had three text messages sent from the court in New York:

“Trump alert: Biden's trial against me has begun.”

“Emergency Memo: I'll be honest with you. I could end up behind bars for life.”

“Speech to the nation: I just stormed out of Biden's mock courthouse.”