Trump's daughter-in-law gets important post in Republican Party

The US Republican leadership has elected supporters of Donald Trump to the highest positions, including the ex-president's daughter-in-law. The Republican National Committee (RNC) elected Trump loyalist Michael Whatley as party chairman on Friday and Trump's daughter-in-law Lara Trump as his deputy.

The RNC will “stand at the forefront of a movement that will work tirelessly every day to ensure that our nominee, Donald J. Trump, is elected the 47th President of the United States,” Whatley said in his acceptance speech.

Lara Trump, who is married to Trump's second eldest son Eric, described her father-in-law's victory in the November presidential election as the party's main goal: “This isn't just about right versus left, Republicans versus Democrats. It's about the good versus evil,” she said.

“Every penny will be spent on the RNC's most important and only job – getting Donald J. Trump elected as president of the United Nations and saving this country,” the president's daughter-in-law told Newsmax. It is also “of great importance” for Republican voters that their father-in-law’s legal costs are paid.

After his victory in the primaries on Super Tuesday, Donald Trump has virtually secured the Republican presidential nomination again. The USA is heading towards another duel for the White House between the Democratic incumbent Joe Biden and Trump.