Trump the 'exterminator': He promises to send 'special forces' to Mexico to eliminate drug traffickers

Former president and Republican presidential candidate of the United States, Donald Trump, plans to send special forces to Mexico to murder drug dealersif he wins the elections in November of this year to govern the United States.

Donald Trump has expressed the idea of ​​sending these forces “with or without the support of the Mexican government” to his campaign advisors, according to an article in the American magazine Rolling Stone.

Are “Special Forces“would aim to kill the leaders of the main drug cartels found in Mexico, the American media indicated.

One of the campaign promises of the former US president is “declare war” to the Mexican cartels.

On his campaign website, former President Trump details the measures he will take to achieve this goal, including ordering the Pentagon to “appropriately use special forces and other overt and covert actions to inflict maximum damage on the leadership, the infrastructure and cartel operations.

In turn, the Republican proposes designating drug trafficking groups as terroristsan idea that has also been proposed by legislators of his party in Congress.

On some of his campaign tours, Trump has insisted that the US military has “killers tougher than them” and has questioned why these assassination missions have not been carried out sooner, arguing that eliminating cartel bosses would contribute to hampering their operations.

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has rejected this latest proposal, accusing it of being a propaganda strategy by conservative politicians.

The Trump campaign, which has a strong anti-immigrant component, has also linked Joe Biden's handling of the southern border to the increase in opioid deaths, especially fentanyl, in the United States.