Trump supports ally Jordan to succeed McCarthy in the US House of Representatives

Former US President Donald Trump has spoken out in favor of the ultra-conservative Republican Jim Jordan as the future chairman of the US House of Representatives. In his online network Truth Social, Trump said on Friday that Jordan would be a “great speaker,” as the chairman of the House of Representatives is called in the United States. Jordan has his “full and total support,” Trump continued.

On Tuesday, the US House of Representatives removed the chairman of the Congressional Chamber for the first time in US history. The majority of MPs voted in favor of a motion by right-wing hardliner Matt Gaetz to overthrow Kevin McCarthy. The reason for this was a budget dispute, which also involves further aid for Ukraine.

Jordan, 59, is the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and has been particularly skeptical about U.S. financial aid to Ukraine. The arch-conservative Trump ally led an impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden, which also caused irritation among more moderate members of the Republican Party.

A few hours earlier, Trump himself had offered to take over McCarthy’s office for a limited period of time. Republican former congresswoman Barbara Comstock told CNN that Trump is ineligible for office because he has been charged with criminal offenses.

Trump has already been indicted in four criminal cases this year. A civil lawsuit is currently underway in New York over allegations that the real estate entrepreneur has overstated the value of his properties for years.