Trump is found guilty and made a stronger candidate

NEW YORK– Former United States President Donald Trump was found guilty this Thursday of 34 charges in a controversial and intentional trial with visible political overtones in Manhattan, New York.

Trump immediately called the guilty verdict a “shame” and His lawyers will almost certainly appeal the jury's decision. in an appeals court. However, the judicial terrain that Trump treads in New York is a great swamp to be able to emerge unscathed.

Only the speed with which the entire process has been carried out defines by itself the true political intentions of what is now called justice in New York.

For the voters

For voters it is clear what this is about and they have expressed it in a recent survey in which more than 85% affirm that their vote for Trump will not change due to any ruling from the New York court, or any other.

Trump was allegedly accused of falsifying his company's accounting documents to hide payments for the silence of a former porn actress manipulated or influenced to gain fame and serve the Democrats, who until now have achieved the opposite reaction from the American people to what they pursue. : the moral and financial destruction of one of the presidents with the greatest popular support despite all the accusations and processes against him.

On Thursday afternoon the jury indicated that it had reached a decision, said Judge Juan Merchan, who presides over this first criminal trial of a President of the United States. The jury asked for 30 more minutes before they could announce their verdict.

Judge Marchán and the prosecutors have been described by Republican legislators and by Trump himself as corrupt and of carrying out an impeachment trial as part of the persecution against him and what the MAGA (Make America Great Again) movement represents for the country.

Trump is heading to the White House for a second term. If he wins the Presidency, the show put on by the left-wing elite against the former president would be rejected.

At this time it is regrettable that a Department of Justice in the United States is controlled by political interests of a socialist power dome and not really to enforce the law. This is how the vast majority of Americans who want to live in a democratic country, with respect for freedoms and true justice, not under the designs of an ideology that seeks to transform and eliminate the conservative values ​​on which it was founded and has been perceived. developed the United States, something unthinkable decades ago.

The left strengthens Trump even more

Failure does not prevent Trump from running for Presidenteven in the unlikely event that Judge Juan Merchan, who will announce the sentence on July 11, sentences him to prison.

The verdict comes a few weeks before the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee, where Trump will receive the formal party nomination to face Democratic President Joe Biden on November 5.

All the actions of the extreme left against the former president have translated into more support for Trump and the conviction of millions about the need for him to reach his second term in the White House.

The 12-member jury deliberated extremely quickly in the case, as has already been seen when it comes to convicting Trump. Just nine hours were enough for a crucial and historic decision, which generates a greater signal for Americans.

The “trial” lasted five weeks in a Manhattan courtroom, which has been confirmed as the headquarters of the left and the extreme left in the country.

Earlier, upon arriving at the court, Trump once again called Judge Merchán “corrupt”, who has fined him for his opinions, in another violation of rights and freedom of expression.

The identity of the jurors, seven men and five women, was kept secret to protect them from political tensions, in a trial that is clearly political and with precise objectives under the shield of “the law”, against a presidential candidate who He is marching with a wide lead in voting intentions in all national polls.

Shortly before announcing that they had reached a verdict, the jurors left the courtroom to deliberate behind closed doors, with their notes and a computer containing evidence in the case.

They had asked to rehear excerpts from the testimony of former tabloid boss close to Trump, David Pecker, and convicted former lawyer Michael Cohen. But they did not request to review the testimonies of crucial defense witnesses, which dismantled the credibility of the former porn actress and Cohen.

It is almost certain that former President Trump, as has happened so far, will emerge much stronger on his path to the Presidency and will receive greater support from millions of other Americans who view what is happening now in the United States with too much concern and alarm.

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